Bounce-Worthy: TL Cross

I was serious when I said last month that I'd be out and about in NYC scouting new Bounce-Worthy talent.  This time, I was downtown at SOB's for their monthly Sol Village event, a new talent showcase for unsigned artists.  Our boy Eric Roberson was the host, and aside from his usual incredible freestyle--this time making up a song where the chorus was about the need to go to the gym (trust me, it worked)--the highlight of the night was 24-year old TL Cross, who commanded the stage like a savvy veteran. The R&B artist from South Jamaica, Queens, and his Gutta Fam, came correct--complete with placards (TL CROSS FOR PRESIDENT) and groupie love. I had no idea what to expect as they set up, but once he began to sing, I just nodded my head. Appropriately his sound is a "cross" between a young Carl Thomas and an even younger R. Kelly (in his Public Announcement days).  With songs like "Best Kept Secret," "Love is a Hustle," and my favorite, "Get In Where I Fit In," Cross' old school vibe showed he might just have a very bright future. In fact, not forgetting those who came before him, he made sure to salute the '80s, covering Guy's "I Like" and the Tony!
Toni! Tone!
classic "It Never Rains (In Southern California)"--definite crowd-pleasers. Do yourself a favor and check the songs below (which includes a duet with Faith Evans on "Happy Ending") and let us know what you think. He might be, like his album title suggests, the "best kept secret" R&B has to offer.

TL Cross: "Best Kept Secret"

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TL Cross: "Get In Where I Fit In"

TL Cross feat. Faith Evans & Benzo: "Happy Ending"

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TL Cross [MySpace]

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