Who Makes You Go ‘Back and Forth’? Cameo or Aaliyah?


This Battle of the Beats pits the ’80s against the ’90s in this “Back and Forth” showdown. Cameo versus Aaliyah. Let’s get ready to rumble!

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Cameo’s “Back and Forth” came after they’d been in the game for over a decade and at a time when lead singer Larry Blackmon brought our collective focus to his red codpiece-clad crotch. That gimmick aside, the synth-heavy “Back and Forth” featured Cameo harmonizing about the tug of war in relationships and was one of the standout tracks on the album Word Up! alongside the hit title song and the stone-cold jam “Candy.”

Aaliyah’s “Back and Forth” was her debut single that introduced “the L. I. Y. A. H.” to the masses. The songs’ “funky mellow groove” made her a staple on radio and in the clubs, while the video showcased the teen beauty with a voice and swagger that belied her age. Maybe it was her association with hitmaker (and husband on the-not-so-down-low) R. Kelly or her fresh street but sweet style, but Aaliyah came out the gate with a hit and never slowed down.

So who’s “Back and Forth” is it gonna be? The funkdafied band of brothas or our beloved babygirl?

Cameo: “Back and Forth”

Aaliyah: “Back and Forth”

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