Santogold Pulls Race Card

santogold_2.jpgWord has it that Santi White a/k/a Santogold was upset at being called a “hip hop artist.” This is understandable because she most certainly is not one. She has admitted that her current incarnation as Santogold is one of a pop singer, very much unlike the persona she had while fronting punk/ska band Stiffed. Santi is also annoyed because people have been mispronouncing her name lately (it’s san-TO-gold y’all), and to top it all of, she was told that she resembles Kelly Rowland. Like, if you squint real, real hard. In the dark. 

But back to the initial point: Santogold is not only NOT a hip hop artist, but is calling racism for the press continuing to call her one. In a way, I see her point. She not only is not a hip hop artist, but she does not identify with it or R&B music, claiming that she “didn’t grow up as a big fan of R&B.” Santi was more influenced by the reggae her father played or the punk her sister rocked out to. So while her outspoken nature is commended, she might want to have a heart-to-heart with the folks at Warner Records who are surely including similies in her press kit that don’t vibe well with Miss New Indie Pop Princess. But all this not wanting to be classified on her part begs the question: Why she hasn’t gotten upset at those calling her the “Black Gwen Stefani“?
On another note, it is kind of interesting that she has on an Eazy-E shirt in the photo. I’m just saying. 
Santogold dubs ‘hip-hop’ comparisons racist [NME]

[H/T: TRU]

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