Russell Taylor Can't Keep His Hands 2 Himself

russell_taylor_bw.jpgIndie soul artist Russell Taylor is currently working on his next album, which is scheduled to be released sometime this summer. In the meantime, he's dropped the first single to whet people's appetites for the niceness ahead. "Hands 2 Myself" is a flirtatious dancefloor ditty with a European discotheque feel to it. This sound is something that I haven't heard before from Russell, so it's good to hear him branching out. But for those fans who want more of his signature slow jams, he's got you covered with a seductive remix, one of three that he's posted on his MySpace page for listener feedback. Whereas I'm loving the tempo of the original, the "Twizz Down South Remix" kicks the sexy up a few notches. For those enterprising producers who can't keep their hands to themselves who'd like to work their own magic on the song, Russell has the a cappella version available for free download. Submitted remixes will be voted on and the one that brings the most heat may just wind up on his new disc. I can't wait to hear who brings more fire to this one.  

Russell Taylor: "Hands 2 Myself"

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Russell Taylor: "Hands 2 Myself" (Twizz Down South Remix)

Russell Taylor [Official][MySpace]

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