Rise In 'Love' With KRS-One & MC Lyte


The last time KRS-One and MC Lyte were together on a track fellas were rocking high-top fades and sistas were sporting the latest trunk jewelry while Lyte and the Teacher schooled us on where we were all headed. Almost 20 years later, the two G.O.A.T.S. have rejoined forces once again for a poetic new track that features them rapping rings around the majority of what is being passed off as Hip-Hop these days. "Love" kicks off with KRS-One urging folks not to fall in love but to rise in it, then he passes the mic to Lyte who kicks a few verses on the subject. This is a follow up to "Money" from his February release Adventures In Emceein', which found these two also taking turns with the rhyming. Whereas "Money" was good, "Love" is great. KRS even shouts out MC Lyte's new group Almost September a few times throughout the track.

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Freak what you heard, THIS is Hip-Hop. And I'm loving every minute of it. 

KRS-One & MC Lyte: "Love"

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