Loose Ends: Where Are They Now?

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Recently, a SoulBounce visitor emailed us to inquire if we could track down some of our favorite old school soul artists to bring their fans up-to-date. Many artists were mentioned, but it was Loose Ends who piqued our interest since the last time we really heard from them was in 1990 when their last hit "Don't Be A Fool" was getting radio airplay love. Keep in mind that last incarnation of Loose Ends was not the original lineup of Carl McIntosh, Jane Eugene, and Steve (the cute one) Nichol, but Carl, Linda Carriere, and Sunay Suleyman. Word had it that Carl and Jane were living in Los Angeles, while Steve's whereabouts were unknown. Always up for a challenge, I decided to fulfill the thirst of at least one of our readers and track down Carl, the only member with a MySpace page, to find out what was up with one of the best UK soul imports of the '80s. I received the following email in my inbox yesterday. It was, how shall I say, interesting.

The email I received is as follows:

"They tryin to do this sh*t without me!! I dont even know where Jane live at, as for Steve that N***** owe me some money......And I neeeds my dollars......The only reunion that gone happen is my foot up they ass.....Holla ....Lol"

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Needless to say, at SoulBounce HQ we were both taken aback and rolling on the floor with the way Carl got all Rick James (à la Dave Chappelle) with it. He blew up his former bandmates spots like an army grenade to say the least. To his credit, he included an "lol" just to let me know that he was kind of joking. Right? And as for him saying that his former mates are "trying to do this sh*t without me," he is referring to the appearance of Loose Ends at the Capital Jazz Fest this June. Soul Bounce may be in the house for that one just to see what foolishness may transpire. Will Carl step up in the place Suge Knight-style demanding his dollars from Steve while they're on stage? If so, we hope they have popcorn so we can better enjoy the show. 

According to the Capital Jazz Fest website, "their current lineup does not feature founding member McIntosh." Wikipedia lists Steve Nichols as the original founder of Loose End, as Steve and Jane originally named their duo after a hair salon named "A Loose End", which Carl joined later. This is pretty interesting mainly because Steve and Jane left the band in 1989, leaving Carl creative control of the group from that point until 2000 when the group disbanded for good. 

Can we really blame Carl for spitting some fire and ire in the direction of his bandmates? Loose Ends have been around since 1981, and it wasn't until 1984 when they signed with US imprint MCA that we caught wind of their sound that had us grooving for the remainder of the decade. Truthfully, 27 years have passed between members of a group who didn't always get along anyway. But that's show business. 
Here's to hoping Carl, Jane, and Steve can work it out. Below, the threesome during happier times, cutting up, and wound much more tightly than the loose ends they have turned out to be. 
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