Jennifer Hudson to Be Mentored by Mutual Enemies for New Album

jennifer-hudson.jpgThe good news is that things are going full speed ahead with Jennifer Hudson's album. The potentially messy news is that she's chosen her mentors from two different sides of the spectrum.

It's always been fun to imagine that Alicia Keys and India.Arie got into bloody brawls backstage at every music awards show where the latter lost to the former, over and over again. Chalk it all up to schadenfreude. But in the absence of any tangible beef, we have to hand it to J-Hud for reaching out to two of the most respected artists in music to guide her for this project. Hudson expressed worry to Keys that her album is taking too long to manifest. We couldn't agree more, because the girl has chops. As for Arie, Hudson went to her for the "hit," a track titled "Greatest Creation." Am I the only one that thinks it should've been the other way around? You go to Alicia Keys for the track radio won't get enough of, and ask India.Arie for advice on how to maintain a respectable amount of industry tolerance. Maybe that's just me.

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In the meantime, we can hold ourselves over with her offering to the Sex and The City soundtrack, courtesy of Concrete Loop. Hudson's untitled album will be released in September. Hopefully.

Jennifer Hudson: "All Dressed Up In Love"

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Hudson Calls on Dreamgirls Keys and Arie for Album Help [PR-I]

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