Dwele Helps Foxy Brown Make A Good Track. Seriously.

foxy_brown.jpgFoxy Brown has been busy since her release from jail recently. Gossiping about her trials of a bad weave gone wrong is always good fun. Trouble is, I really can't front on Foxy this time around. Because now Foxy has help from Dwele, and "Never Heard This Before" is dare I say, not only appropriate for her level of rhyme skills (which is decent even for Ms. Ill Na-Na), but pretty good if you ignore the parts when she falls back onto telling us about her womanly assets in a non-ladylike manner. True, it does sound like it may have come out five years ago, but you have to walk before you can run, right? If only Foxy could keep her ire on wax, she might last a little longer in the rap game instead of within jailhouse walls.

Foxy Brown feat. Dwele: "Never Heard This Before"

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[H/T: JS]

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