Prince’s Band Performs India’s ‘Brown Skin’ at Exclusive Party

Thumbnail image for evil_prince.jpgThe easiest way to tell how basic you are in this world is never being invited to a Prince party. According to Dr. Funkenberry, Prince threw a private concert/party for no more than 100 guests over the weekend. Counted among them, according to the tipster, were Salma Hayek and Larry Graham from Sly and The Family Stone. What, no Martha Stewart? The band covered plenty of Sly & TFS, as well as some Stevie, but there were more treats to be served.

“Prince and the band broke into what seemed to be a brand new song that would do James Brown proud, with Prince laying down some serious rhythm chops on guitar. We hope he releases this one! It’s all that and a bag of drumsticks. Another surprise: Shelby J. tore up a rocked out version of India Arie’s “Brown Skin”; another jam the band seems to have learned overnight. It seems like they’re warming up to hit our ears HARD with some serious funk.”

A party at a celebrity’s house usually wouldn’t yield this much copy from me on this site, but c’mon, this is Prince. It was time for a first-person account of how he gets down that doesn’t involve midnight basketball.

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