Oh No. The Soul Train Awards Have Been Cancelled. Bummer.

don_cornelius_back_then.jpgLooks like we won’t be live-blogging this one. The 22nd Soul Train Music Awards are not happening this year, my people, for unspecified reasons. Now I have to spend the remainder of this entry trying to articulate my apathy at this news. Yes, Soul Train and its award shows are an institution. Yes, we need an awards show where a Black artist is always the winner and doesn’t have to worry about getting jumped. Yes, Grammy is a setup. But consider the following:

  • The ceremony would’ve likely championed the same music that made me reactively found this website.
  • The production values have become increasingly laughable over the years. If they don’t care why should I?
  • Marquee artists don’t even want to show up for it.
  • Lady of Soul still hasn’t been able to live down giving Ashanti the “Aretha Franklin Entertainer of The Year” award in 2002.

If the only pleasure we can derive from this show is clowning it, I’d rather it didn’t happen.

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Soul Train Music Awards Derailed [Reuters]

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