Maxwell Hearts SoulBounce


As much as we sweat stan talk about Maxwell on SoulBounce, we'd be remiss not to mention that he has shouted us out on his MySpace page. Yes, yes, y'all! We already had a sneaking suspicion that he read SoulBounce, but to get this confirmation from the man himself was incredible. I know that we tend to give him a hard time here at SB, but it's only because we love Maxwell like we do. If we didn't care for the dude you wouldn't see his name around these parts at all or very little. Nonetheless, for him to publicly acknowledge us alongside a select few on his MySpace page is kinda fly.

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Regarding what Maxwell is up to right now, he's going into deep cover mode to finish up the album. There's still no release date, but it really is coming soon so be patient, people. And he even suggested to the ladies that they start getting right for his concert tour and told the fellas to get ready to seal the deal after he provides the foreplay. Lord. Have. Mercy. Swing low sweet chariot and carry me home! Check out Max's statement including our shout out after the bounce.


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