Mainstream of Consciousness

  • Diddy says the LA Times story really hurt his feelings. "It just really hurt... Just knowing how people in this day and age, what they read online and what they see in the papers, they just take it as fact. It's like, come on, I been working so hard to rise above all of this stuff, and to see it now trying to pull me back down." Wait a minute. Someone that throws chairs to express himself, beats up people because they won't let him screw their girlfriend, robs people of their publishing and came up (ironically) with the term "bitchassedness" doesn't understand why people would readily believe he conspired to have someone shot? And now he has "feelings"? I wish his music these days was as inventive as his sense of reality. [MTV]
  • Check out this footage of Weezy's new dance craze called the "Wam". George Michael was not harmed during the filming of this video. [AHM]
  • Chicago Tribute wonders if Leona Lewis is "all that". We usually let our commenters handle that assessment.[CT]
  • Lil' Jon's winery has finally launched. Thinking about where that wine came from actually makes me less thirsty, thanks. [AHH]
  • Cherish's new look is truly beweavable, all things considered... [C+D]
  • Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon? Hell, why not? He's just a minor pit stop on her road to becoming completely hood. [SP]
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z are getting married in FIVE MINUTES! [AHH]

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