What's Really Going On, Druscilla?

The IPS is on permanent sitdown for bringing this to our attention!

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After Woody's poorly-timed bombshell that he was leaving Dru Hill (classic material) to follow God (to where, I have no idea), it looks like he's being permanently replaced. No, not by Scola, but by some cats auditioning this very evening in Baltimore to be in the group. We're usually a classy bunch over here at SB. Sometimes not so much. However, there are certain details about this mess that fuels my side-eye with the wrath of a thousand formerly-interesting boy bands.
  • Why not just be DH-3?
  • Who wants to be in this group after all that we've witnessed? That's like signing with Bad Boy.
  • These phrases make me nervous: Baltimore's "Top" Male Vocalist; Private Sexy After-Party; Belvedere Hotel.
Yeah, okay. Talent search...

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