First Spin: Jay Electronica


There's one thing you can always expect when it comes to Jay Electronica. Hip hop beats and lyrics that are not at all like most of what's currently littering the genre these days. While he can sometimes push the alternative envelope to the point of inducing head-scratching instead of head-nodding, Jay has never served to disappoint. Two new tracks, "The Cauldron" and "Colors" have surfaced, and prove that Electronica has a style all his own. "The Cauldron" features Jay and Zed Bias who rhyme over a frenetically paced track and manages to make you feel, well, frenetic. The latter part of the track is to die for, however. "Colors," which makes use of Cyndi Lauper's classic of the same name is really way too short (49 seconds) to form an opinion on. Except that it's too short. 

Still feening for that album, Jay...

Jay Electronica & Zed Bias: "The Cauldron"

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Jay Electronica: "Colors"

[H/T: IHH]

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