Nas ♥ Jay Electronica


Ever since being featured on URB magazine's last cover with boo Erykah Badu, tongues have been wagging about Jay Electronica. One rapper particularly feeling Jay these days is Nas, whose forthcoming album Nigger still has no confirmed release date. Anyone remember wife Kelis standing by her man on the free promotion tip? In any case, Nas was able to confirm, however, that Jay will be featured on the new album. When interviewed for an upcoming issue in URB, Nas was decribed as being "smitten" with Jay. Awwww! In an interview with URB magazine, Nas waxed poetic about Jay saying, "'s
rare that you see someone that's not asking for a handout, that's not looking
for a lookout... He's onto his own thing and that is everything to him." Aside from bigging up Jay Electronica, Nas also spoke on rappers in the game who complain too much about getting their just due from the other rappers and recording companies, but whose music cannot stand on its own. No names were mentioned, but there would be way too many to mention even if he did. We can't wait for any music from this project to be "leaked."

[H/T: HHDX via URB

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