Mainstream of Consciousness


  • Beyonce excuses the leak of her latest work-in-progress while shamelessly plugging the work of Kelly, Michelle and Solange. Only, we know that's not her talking. [CL]
  • Half a Man Half a Dollar 50 Cent, who once upon a time said Bush was doing a great job, cannot decide between Clinton and Obama. Unlike DMX, at least he knows who's running, Also, he reasons that Curtis bricked because it was chock full of hit records! [MTV, HHDX]
  • Remy Ma, who could face 25 years in prison for assault and weapons charges, might class things up by marrying Papoose during her bid. Yup, still have no idea who/what "Papoose" is. [HHDX]
  • Dimension picks up Ice Cube's script for Janky Promoters, which is sure to be followed by Jankier Promoters, Next Janky, Janky After Next and Not Another Janky Movie. [SOHH]
  • Jail hasn't stopped Mobb Deep's Prodigy from blogging in ALL CAPS and totally forsaking the concept of proper punctuation. [VIBE]

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