Ladies, Vikter Duplaix Wants To Get Inside


Get your dirty minds out of the gutter. Vikter Duplaix wants to get inside our heads, sisters. Although a dirty mind may not be too bad of an idea where Mr. Duplaix is concerned.

You see, earlier this week Vikter posted a bulletin on MySpace, then a subsequent blog on his page stating that he is currently writing a new album. That in and of itself is grand news, but he went on to write:

“Tell me what you want to hear a man say to you in a song. Don’t be afraid to be open and honest.”

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My, my, my. Vikter is opening a ginormous can of worms with that one. So far responses on his blog range from cute to sweet but nothing that makes me want to clutch the pearls…yet. What’s really entertaining is his commentary on people’s suggestions. It’ll be interesting what this online exchange of ideas results in creatively on the follow-up to Bold & Beautiful, but he better come strong because that CD was a banger.

And sorry, fellas, he didn’t ask y’all what you guys want to hear. Those are the breaks.

[Photo: Simon Frederick]

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