Cheri Dennis’ ‘Ooh Ooh’ Has Us Saying ‘Uh Oh’

With Cheri Dennis‘ “Portrait Of Love” getting quickly played out, it’s high time for a new single from In and Out of Love, and Bad Boy has decided to release the slow jam “Ooh Ooh” next. Was this a wise move, or a bad Diddy decision? Well, two of your friendly SoulBounce Editors decided to listen to the song simultaneously and share their thoughts on it over an instant message conversation. Listen to the track below, then read Butta and ill Mami’s hilarious and frank two cents.

Cheri Dennis: “Ooh Ooh”

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ill Mami: She sounds like she’s in a bit of pain at the beginning.

Butta: She sure does…but not as much pain as I’m in listening.
ill Mami: Getting a bit better.
Butta: Until she got to the chorus.
ill Mami: I was just about to say that! This chorus had me crying “ooh!”

Butta: It’s not horrible, but it’s not really a good look for her third single. She’s trying to sell this album, right?

ill Mami: She’s attempting that breathy singing that Aaliyah used to do, but it’s not working for her.

Butta: Not in the least, and she is actually a good singer.

ill Mami: The bridge is a bit of an improvement, but still underwhelming.

Butta: It’s like I’ll like this song for 10 seconds, then hate it for 30.

ill Mami:
This song could possibly work as single if it’s pushed hard enough and
the video has rain falling, fireplaces, and an oiled-up paramour. Very
forgettable, I’m afraid.
Butta: It’s thisclose to being a listenable song, but there’s something majorly off about it.
ill Mami: Yeah, like how there’s something just off about Pepa‘s new nose.
Butta: Girl, you bout to make me spit out my Deer Park. You know bottled water is expensive!

ill Mami: You mean expensive tap water. LOL

Butta: RIGHT! So any final thoughts on this latest attempt by Cheri Dennis at relevance?

ill Mami: I think I would only make it relevant by entering this into text.
Butta: She was so freaking close with “Portrait Of Love,” but this was a big-time disappointment.

ill Mami: Yeah, I know. She should seriously start looking for a new label.
: Really and truly. It’s like we waited so long for THIS?

ill Mami: This song sounded like a bad attempt at some producer trying to recreate a Faith song they heard from their youth.
Butta: Bingo!

ill Mami: Now all that damn ooh-ing is in my head. Damn! Damn! Damn! But maybe that’s the point.
Butta: Yeah, this has ear-worm potential.
ill Mami: Kind of like those ads for KFC where only kids could hear the high-pitched tone.
Butta: This will be all over the urban quiet storms in the next few weeks.
ill Mami: I know that’s right. Thank God for Pandora so that I don’t have to be subjected to Trey or Omarion or whoever else whining about teenaged love.
Butta: Hello! And with Cheri Dennis being a grown-A woman, she shouldn’t be whining about it either!

ill Mami: This song makes me wish for circa-1988 slow jams tho’: Keith Sweat (His Whineness), Guy, LeVert (“Pop, Pop, Pop”).

Butta: Ah yes, the good old days.

ill Mami: “I Like.”

Butta: Yeah, girl. I have that joint on TAPE.
ill Mami: I still have my “Slow Jams” extended mix on tape. You remember the black Maxwell 90-minute jump-offs?
Butta: Heck yeah! So would we add “Ooh Ooh” to any slow jam tapes…um, playlists?
ill Mami: No-ooh-ooh.

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