Before There Was Supersize, There Was 'Make It Big'

wham!_cover.jpgTuesday's Morning Soul comments thread became a Wham! stan confessional of sorts, including your female SoulBounce editors waxing poetic about how Wham! was the best thing at the time since jelly bracelets. So what is it about Wham! that resonates so deeply for people who are some of the most unlikley targets for sticky sweet British pop music? Following this logic, why weren't Five Star bigger in their day? The answer is two words: George Michael. The same man who dueted with both Stevie and Aretha and was able to hold his own. With regards to Make It Big!, let's forgive them for trying to come out with their second album (stans know that Fantastic was their first) with a bang. "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" was honestly the least impressive of the album's tracks. But let's also not focus on the international hit amongst those with "guilty feet [that] have got no rhythm" either. Instead, let's focus on how Make It Big attained that most elusive and often uninended fame: the "reverse crossover" a/k/a the ability for a non-soul band to become a staple on the "urban" music scene. One of the best things about Wham! were their ability to incorporate their brand of soul with the synth-pop heavily prevalent during the day. And thank God they did because guilty feet need love, too. 

Wham!: "Freedom"

Wham!: "Like A Baby"

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