SOUL-POLL: Lowest-Rated Grammys Ever?

chaka-khan-ap.jpgAccording to Variety, this year's Grammy telecast averaged only 17.5 million viewers, although CBS won the night in ratings. This would be the third lowest ratings average for the ceremony, only beating out 1995 (17.3m) and 2006 (17m). Out of the entire 30-something years of the televised ceremony, what made this year and others so different from the rest? Why didn't it draw as many viewers as it could've?

Enter conjecture:

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  • The Grammys are irrelevant. A popularity contest that only exists as a tool for the recording industry. We don't take it seriously.
  • The Grammys happened Sunday? They need to advertise it better.
  • The Writer's Strike jinxed it.
  • Mary J. Blige and Michael Jackson weren't there. Why should I watch?
  • I decided to wait for the YouTube highlights. Who watches TV anymore?
  • Why bother? 2007 was an awful year in music.

Vote after the bounce.

[Photo: Gawker/AP]

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Grammys Hit a Low Note [Variety]

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