Salt-N-Pepa's Hair, Er, Here (Again)!

saltnpepa4.jpgIf you're a Salt-N-Pepa fan like I am, you had to wonder what in the "spinderella" VH1 did to The Salt-N-Pepa Show, which went on an abrupt "hiatus" this past December after only seven episodes. (Meanwhile, we've seen Scott Baio grow a year older, Hulk Hogan lose his family and me lose my lunch from seeing "New York" on my TV screen.) Insane.

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I mean, seriously, leave it up to the bigwigs over at the cable network and we would think that their bus broke down and they got stranded on their way back from Jena, Louisiana. Thankfully, that was not the case. In fact, the ladies will be back with fresh episodes starting Monday, February 11th at 10PM EST. Can't. Wait.

What? You don't know about the show?!? Check the history and a recap after the bounce.

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The premise of the series is the rap duo's attempt to reunite after several years apart. They've definitely gone in different directions, with Salt (Cheryl Wray) embracing religion, while Pepa (Sandra Denton) lives somewhat in the past, yearning to bring back the "old days."

Here's what's gone down so far:

  • Episode 1: "Pushin' It," brought Salt (Cheryl Wray) and Pepa (Sandra Denton) back together to perform at Shaquille O'Neal's
    birthday party. Pepa wants two things: for Salt to apologize for flat-leaving the group; and for the two of them to get the band back together. Salt, now heavily into religion, initially has doubts. Of
    course, they subside just enough, or else there would be no show. This episode establishes the series' theme: Salt's struggle to maintain her spiritual balance while dealing with Pepa's obsession with still wanting to push it real good.
  • Episode 2:  "Whatta
    Manhunt," has Salt trying to hook Pepa up with a man. When the blind dates don't go as they'd hoped, Salt turns to a clean-cut pastor from her church to potentially become Pepa's Mr. Right. Wrong.
  • Episode 3
    "Houseguests from Hell," is, to me, the funniest of the series so far. Pepa's NYC apartment is being renovated, so she basically invites herself to stay with Salt in her suburban digs until the renovations
    are done. Mix in some late-night dominoes, a risque self-portrait and a prayer-meeting-in-need-of-prayer, and you've got a hilarious mess.
  • Episode 4:  "Spinderella Cut It Up One Time."  Everyone wondered if and when Spinderella (Dee Dee Roper) would make an appearance. Well, wonder no more, as Dee Dee arrived on the scene in time for a reunion performance on the Tyra Banks Show.
    With her came some emotional baggage, as she always felt S-N-P thought of her as a spare part, instead of a full member of the group. Turns out she wasn't wrong, as the ladies explained to Spin that letting her tag along was their way of helping her develop her own career. Oh. So much for the tour, Spin. Sorry.
  • Episode 5:  "Pep's
    In Charge," really plays up the big sister/little sister angle. Pepa insists she be put in charge of organizing things for a performance in support of a Lifebeat PSA the ladies recorded. All of her choices--from raunchy outfits to scantily clad backup dancers to a tiny venue--are all wrong for an AIDS awareness showcase. Salt, being the "more stable" of the two, swoops in and makes things right just in time for the show.
  • Episode 6
    "Jena 6," saw the ladies travel to Jena, Louisiana to participate in the protests against the harsh sentencing of high school student Mychal Bell. This was a standalone episode that Salt insisted on filming for the series, and they used the airtime to educate their children--and viewers--on what it means to stand for something. The highlight of the show, to me, was when they remixed their biggest hit into "Push It...For Justice." Classic.
  • Episode 7:  "Hair It Is." If
    nothing else, the hiatus left us on a high note with the duo, as Pepa tries to convince Salt to endorse hair weaves. Being the Christian she is, Salt refuses to endorse anything she doesn't use, which leads to her trying out a weave for 24 hours. The expressions on her husband and sister's faces are priceless. Despite the reactions she receives from family, and not to mention the itching, Pepa seemingly wins Salt over. I tell you what, she won me over with the product's name: Salt-N-Pepa's Hair. Touchdown.
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now you're all caught up and ready to go when the series returns next Monday. For more info, and videos from each episode, check the VH1 website.

The Salt-N-Pepa Show [VH1]

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