Name That Beat: More Fun Than That Work You're Avoiding

djrashida.jpgWelcome back crate diggers and crate digger wannabes. I really have to say that you guys rock, and I'm loving that you guys have been checking back week after week. 

Props go out to Belve and DJ Stylus (again...LOL) for correctly guessing last week's sample of Lou Donaldson's "Who's Making Love" which was used by both A Tribe Called Quest on "Hot Sex On A Platter" and Marley Marl featuring Craig G on "Droppin' Science." 

This week's sample is below. Y'all know what to do...
But for those who don't:
  1. Name the title and artist of the original track below.
  2. Name the artist and title of the track who sampled it. 

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