Lupe and Jill are Grammy Winners, but You'd Never Know It

jill_scott_grammy_2008.jpgAs expected, many of the "urban" (read: black) awards weren't televised on last night's Grammy ceremony, purportedly to focus on performances in honor of Grammy's 50th anniversary. Yeah ok. We probably could've done without Rihanna spoiling The Time's "Jungle Love" with her Viki the Robot sounding "vocals", or the 50-eleven performances by Alicia Keys. As noted in our wrap-up, Jill Scott and Lupe Fiasco won for "Daydreamin'", as well as Ne-Yo, Prince, Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige, and Common. Kanye West and Amy Winehouse also won a few awards prior to the ceremony. (Yes, we're thinking Amy is a little "urban".)

Now, in all fairness, several categories weren't televised, but it may be worth pointing out that there's a segment of music lovers out there that has once again been underserved. Some of us don't live and die by Pop music and even more of us are over the age of 12. By trotting out our favorite vocalists for inexplicable duets and Gospel throwdowns but not showing them accept their awards, Grammy is marginalizing these artists even more and telling their fans they don't really matter as much. I can listen to and watch these folks sing all day, but I'd like to be able to see them win at a ceremony other than the Soul Train and NAACP Image Awards. I'm just saying...

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