Jill Scott Thrills In ‘Live In Paris+’

“There is a difference between entertainers and artists.”
Jill Scott, Live In Paris+

Jill Scott’s “The Real Thing” tour kicked off Tuesday night in Seattle, and it is currently making its way across the country well into ’08. In the unfortunate event that you haven’t secured a ticket, I implore you to buy her Live in Paris+ DVD, because it is truly the next best thing to being there.

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Jill is versatile and vivacious in concert, and seeing her live is like attending a master class in performing. She engages the audience with her music and undeniable stage presence. Jilly can go from silly to sassy to sexy in the span of one lyric. Anyone who questions her acting ability need just see her live show to witness her displays of emotion. However, unless you’re close to the stage, you may miss her facial expressions and the subtle nuances of her performance, but Live in Paris+ has got you covered. Shot using multiple camera angles and utilizing some creative 24-style editing, you are given an intimate, front row seat to the Jill Scott experience.

Recorded at two shows in November 2006 at the Elysee Montmartre in Paris, this DVD is filled with goodness and goodies. She blends material from Who Is Jill Scott? and Beautifully Human into the show and bonus footage of Jill singing four cuts from The Real Thing at a 2007 L.A. House of Blues performance is included.

Jill kicks off the DVD with a rousing performance of “The Way” then slows the tempo down a notch for “Whatever” and “The Fact Is (I Need You).” Her most passionate performance on the disc comes when she sings “Rasool” and conjures up memories of the friends she lost to violence as a teenager. She ends the DVD with her signature song, “He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat),” and the mix is one that I hadn’t heard her do live before, so that’s a treat. Her band Fat Back Taffy is ridiculously fantastic as always, and Carol Riddick and V (government name Valvin Roane) hold her down on background vocals and shine like the stars-on-the-verge that they are.

At one point during the concert, Jill states, “There is a difference between entertainers and artists.” True indeed, but in Jill’s case she is the rare artist who is also a true entertainer. If there is ever any question, refer to this DVD.


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