Housewine Makes Her Way Onto The Grammys


Just when we thought that it'd be another boring Grammy Awards telecast, Amy Winehouse swoops in to save the day. Yes, despite the U.S. Embassy putting the smack down on her Visa request, you can't keep a strong crackhead down. She'll be performing via satellite from a London studio during the telecast. There's no word yet on what she'll sing or if her performance will be live or prerecorded but it must be nice to get outta rehab nonetheless. That kinda thing woulda never happened to Ol' Dirty Bastard.

So now that Wino is back in the mix, I suspect that a train wreck is not far behind. I got the hot Butta, who got the popcorn?

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Grammys Confirm Winehouse Satellite Performance [BB]

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