Diggin' In The Crates: 'Bustin' Loose' Soundtrack


As I was watching Bustin' Loose, featuring Cicely Tyson and Richard Pryor as they transport a rag-tag bunch of troubled kids to a farm from Philadelphia to Washington State, last night on cable, two things dawned on me:

  1. This movie is not as great as I once thought it was when I was a child
  2. I was only really watching the movie to catch clips from the great soundtrack
This soundtrack can essentially be classified with the rest of Roberta Flack's discography, since she is the sole artist featured on all of the tracks. This album, which is out of print and not available on CD, is rare gem for those who can find it. I was luckily able to find the track below which features a very familiar voice and frequent one-time Flack collaborator early in his career. 

Trivia question: Why was production was halted on Bustin' Loose for several weeks?

Roberta Flack: "Just When I Needed You"

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