The Fabulous Chico DeBarge of 1986

Today’s Video SoulBounce was going to highlight Jay-Z’s “Pray”, but there’s probably nothing we can add to that and this is so much more fun.

Look into Chico’s eyes. What is he thinking?

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A far cry from the bald, post-prisonal “No Guarantees” Chico DeBarge, this one from back in the day was EIGHTIES DOWN! I have no idea what I was doing back then, but “Talk to Me” so wasn’t on my radar. It was, however, a Top 10 R&B hit back then so dude was on a path before those pesky drug charges. There’s a real video for this and we’ll be your best friend if you find it for us. In the meantime, we have the album cover and some squiggly Youtube effects.

So what do you think of the haircut and navel-baring top? We think it’s rather fierce.

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