Nas Collaborators Keep Keepin' On In 2008


With the advent of Nigger, Nas' ninth studio release to be released just in time for Black History Month (Carter G. Woodson is surely rolling in his grave over this one), it's become evident that he's not the only one whose been readying releases for the New Year.

First off is QuanNas collaborator on "Just A Moment" who not only eloquently rhymed on this track but sang the hook as well, who's been way below the radar ever since he shone on Nas' Street Disciple album. Quan's new mixtape, Most Anticipated, is chock full of new material though it's hard to tell since alot of it is over beats previously used by KanyeFloetry, and even Tupac's "I Ain't Mad Atcha". Despite this, it is the rhymes he spits over the Kanye beat from "Can't Tell Me Nothin'" entitled "Can't Tell U Nothin" (shocker) which is a promising, if short cut form this mixtape. Not unexpectedly, Quan tells the tale of a block-hugger led down a wayward path seduced by the lure of the streetz

Verdict on Quan's Most Anticipated: It's alright. Perfect for Henrock or Alize drinking and late nights on the way to the club with your boyz...or girlz.

Next up is Nas collaborator AZ who spit perhaps one of the most perfect verses of all time on "Life's A Bitch" from  Nas' critically-acclaimed debut album Illmatic. AZ was also on hand for The Firm snoozefest a/k/a the calm before the storm of the Nastradamus debacle. Truth be told, AZ has stayed busy with some actually pretty decent tracks that have been released throughout the years. AZ's new single, "Undeniable," definitely has a street feel to it, but is definitely on the smoothed-out R&B tip. 

Verdict on AZ's "Undeniable": Again, pretty decent. If Faith could bless this track with a hook, I could see it being on constant rotation on any "urban" radio station. Definitely makes me want to fly down a freeway in a sportscar with leaves flying in my wake.  Or "pop bottles" with my homiez in da club. Or do other random acts that I usually don't do. But that's just me. 

Now if only former Nas collaborator Maxwell could stop going to events with fresh sweaters and fades and get on the comeback tip before March, all my wishes for the first quarter of 2008 will have come true. I'm just sayin'...
Quan: "Can't Tell U Nothin"

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AZ: "Undeniable"

"Most Anticipated" Mixtape Download
[H/T: AHH]

"Undeniable" Download 

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