Miss Jack Davey: ‘Why Should Artists Even Seek Major Label Deals?’

We aren’t all fun and games here. If you’ve been reading SoulBounce for any length of time, then you’re already aware of how real we keep it when the situation calls for it. But who to this point keeps it as real as Briana Cartwright (Miss Jack Davey of J*Davey)? We’ve all been giving the music industry the side-eye for the last couple of years, mostly the overpaid, greedy executives that nurture and pimp the non-talent that floods the airwaves as they refuse to embrace new business models and treat frustrated consumers like common criminals (which some of us are, but that’s a different topic).

Her open letter to the industry is passionate, angry, and it makes us a little uncomfortable (in a good way) because of its unfaltering honesty. Read a snippet after the bounce.

why should artists even seek major label deals ? they are completely
outdated & obsolete . artists are sold the dream that talent can
secure superstardom , but it becomes evident that labels only sign
bands nowdays because of the band’s existing fanbase & record sales
, or because they dig the artist’s look & want to cash in . they
don’t want to develop the art . they don’t want the artist to express
his/herself entirely . they just want the artist to comply with what
will get the company a big monetary return . they sign you for millions
, pimp you for pennies , then drop you a year later when the music they
made you record & release is no longer relevant . you’re left on
the streets unsigned & irrelevant & ready to infect the world
with the music you’ve always wanted to make , but no one will take a
chance on you due to your previous material . meanwhile , the label has
already put white out over your signature on the slave deal &
replaced it with a younger version of you . cold game , ain’t it ?

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She also goes after reality show-manufactured pop stars. The fact that so many American Idol winners are being dropped is very telling and draws a direct line to her statement. Why do so many young people (with varying degrees of talent) seek major label distribution? Who wants to be told “you’re too overweight” or “you’re too dark” or “your hair is too natural”? We need more talented artists that look like us being pushed to the forefront by the majors. There should be ten India.Arie’s instead of ten Rihanna’s (not that I have anything against her). Out and proud black men like Rahsaan Patterson and Donnie should be able to be themselves without fear of having their contracts pulled out from under them. There is a civil war going on between consumers, artists and the industry and it’s only going to get more intense if we keep falling for the okie doke.

At the end, she ties Diddy into it. Don’t get me started. Read the entire thing here (it’s long).

[H/T: Inverse]

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