80’s Trunk Jewelry Thankfully Getting A Make Over

You’ve seen it. As conspicuous as ever, a glint of gold over there or cursive monograms peeking from frames of bamboo. Or better yet, you may have noticed someone’s hand being rendered ineffective for writing but perfect for gesturing, as it is held somehow captive by the often duplicated and imitated four-finger ring. 

I don’t know if it’s pop culture that’s helping to make this comeback (peep Rihanna “I’m too young to remember trunk gold” Fenty over on the left) or just nostalgia for all things that our generation grew up with as shorties, but it’s looking more and more plausible that 80’s trunk gold jewelry has entered the iconic “classic” status, as a particular Soul Bouncer currently on vacation (who recently just got her first pair of bamboo earrings) can attest to. 

Thankfully, the folks over at BijulesNYC have taken the fundamental premise of the multi-finger ring and made it over with a post-millenium slickness that I am truly feenin’ for. Now all I need is my Reebok 54.11‘s and I’m good to go.

BIJULES_FSR-4T.jpgBijulesNYC [Official]
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