Where My Girls At?

This video from the EW archives has two staffers wondering what ever happened to all of our favorite 90's R&B girl groups. The blame is naturally placed on Destiny's Child and everything that sprung from that. Although I typically adore when mainstream publications take a look at some of the defining music that shaped my coming-of-age, I have a few beefs with this video.

  • The title of the video is "Beyonce Wannabes", but almost everyone on the list pre-dates Beyonce and Destiny's Child. Now, the people in the actual video didn't refer to the groups as "Beyonce Wannabes", but whoever posted the video did, and that person needs his/her ass beat.
  • 3LW is mentioned right along with Brownstone. Like, are they even broadcasting from the same frequency?
  • Total isn't mentioned at all. Sacrilege! Neither are SWV and Xscape, who were probably better than the rest of those groups put together.

Click the pic to watch (EW doesn't allow third-party sites to embed), then come back and leave us your thoughts on what would've been a fun, insightful trip down memory lane if not for the egregious lapses in judgment.

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