The Reports Are In: Whitney’s Comeback Show Was Good and/or Bad


So we were real excited and everything to learn that the diva Whitney Houston was having this great big comeback concert in KUALA LUMPUR. We really weren’t sure what to expect, mainly because, we aren’t in Malaysia. But if we are to believe the now legendary (over the course of a few days) first-hand account of Mr. Manager, the performance was lacking.

The voice was shrill, strident in the upper chest register and when she
switched into head, it was a whimper of a falsetto. The vocals just
came across as being very tight at the higher end of the registers.
Nevertheless, she tried very, very hard to up the energy but we all sat
riveted to our seats as we witnessed the most embarrassing performance
on stage by a song goddess, no less. She even looked haggard and
exhausted, and kept fiddling with her hair/wig/extensions.

I’m so disappointed. Disappointed that I missed it!

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He continues:

Her choice of repertoire was good but the delivery of the songs was
inconsistent. Some were actually bearable whilst others were just sad.
Gone is the golden voice that I grew up singing along to, the voice
that sang songs which make up the soundtrack to my life. I am probably
one of her biggest fans, and tonight I couldn’t help but sit silently
in total disbelief and horror. I didn’t expect to hear the same Whitney
from The Bodyguard; that
would have been unrealistic. But what I heard was simply too shocking.
The deterioration in her vocal range and tonal timbre was scary.
Nevertheless the crowd was kind, and clapped her on. Malaysians are

The most interesting thing about all of this isn’t the actual review, but the response to the review and how other sites are basing their positive reviews of the performance on a shotty Youtube clip and bad audio:

Singing legend Whitney Houston kick-started her ‘comeback’ campaign in
front of a 10,000 strong crowd at Malaysia’s Live & Loud music
festival yesterday (December 1st). Reviews of the 44-year old star’s
set have been generally very positive. You can listen to some of her
set below and make your own judgments. I, personally, thought she did
very well considering the circumstances, which has me optimistic about
her new album. –TGJ

Can one of the original divas be ready to reclaim her spot amongst the
relevant? Whitney Houston took to the stage in Malaysia this past
weekend and by the looks of the video I’ve obtained below. It looks
like she’s in fact ready for her close-up Mr. Deville. I know it’s not much, but I cant lie she does still sound good. She was definitely down, but maybe she’s not out just yet. –Streetz

Oh dear. Good or bad, denial be damned, we love Whitney. At this point, I can’t really invest in any kind of great performance from her because I don’t care. Her persona transcends her ability to perform and besides, I’m waiting for some new material because her records always yield fabulous house remixes!

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