YEAR-END TOP 10: Soul Wishery


For 50 Cent to lock himself into a room and not emerge until he is a ravenous, starving maniac whose only salvation is to write banging rhymes for food. Either that or for him to no longer release any new albums. Ever. [ill Mami]

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No more mention of Ray J unless he actually releases material worthy of mentioning. No, this does not include any "material" he may have released while in the presence of Whitney or Lil Kim. [ill Mami]


I want NY to take over again and balance the scales. [nOva]

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No more talk of retirement from Jay-Z since he never actually did. [ill Mami]


For some urban music bloggers to realize that simply posting a YouTube clip or copy/pasting a press release isn't writing, no matter how high their traffic is. Also, not inventing "beef" based on an isolated statement by an entertainer pulled out of context. [nOva]

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If I don't get a new Maxwell single in the first quarter and a new CD in the second, I'm cutting somebody. [Butta]


I wish that some level of integrity is restored to Hip-Hop and R&B and that the audience gets back to appreciating artists and not deifying entrepreneurs. Also, can we finally put "poppin bottles" and "sittin' on chrome" to bed? Hip-Hop is supposed to be innovative. [nOva]


No more of a certain someone
until she gets her ish together...for real this time. [ill Mami] I
really want her to have fat thighs again. She used to be a brick. [nOva]

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For Bilal to be on time for a performance. And to share the chief! [nOva]

I hope that more independent soul artists get the props, record sales and money that they deserve. [Butta]

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