Louie Vega Talks About Luisito Quintero

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To fans of house, dance and Latin grooves, the name Louie Vega is synonymous with good music. As one-half of the oft-celebrated Masters At Work duo, Little Louie is a DJ, producer and remixologist of note. With over twenty years in the game, Vega knows his music. So when Little Louis talks, I'm inclined to listen.

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I just came across this clip on YouTube where he chats about percussionist Luisito Quintero, who is musical director of Vega's Elements Of Life band. Quintero released Percussion Maddness Revisited in October, which is a remix album of his 2006 release, Percussion Maddness. Neither CD is to be slept on. Quintero is a beast on percussion, and both albums contain a mélange of Latin, African, and Caribbean rhythms that will keep you moving--otherwise you need to check your pulse.

My favorite track on Percussion Maddness Revisited is the remix to the soulful house jam, "Love Remains the Same" featuring Blaze on vocals. My house heads have no doubt heard this one already, but I'd be remiss if I didn't share the wealth with everyone.

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Luisito Quintero: "Love Remains the Same" (LV EOL Remix) feat. Blaze

Louie Vega [MySpace]
Luisito Quintero [MySpace]
Percussion Maddness Revisited [Amazon][iTunes]

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