Bounce-Worthy: J*DaVeY


How to describe J*DaVeV? The more pertinent question may be what doesn't describe J*DaVeY?

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The eclectic LA-based twosome, consisting of keyboardist Brook D'Leau and singer Briana Cartwright (AKA Miss Jack Davey), have performed with SA-RA Creative Partners in the past, so it's fitting to place them in the post-modern afropunk category. But then there's the obvious hip-hop influence of their rework of the A Tribe Called Quest classic "Electric Relaxation" entitled "Relax" that jacks the beat outright but manages to sound fresh instead of tired and recycled. Then there's the Frank Zappa cover of "Dirty Love," which sounds like the late Zappa had lain down with Betty Davis and woke up with a soulful funk he just couldn't wash off.  Oh, and did I mention that Ms. Cartwright, a millennium version of Nona Hendryx complete with requisite mohawk, was signed in the '90's as a member of an all-girl R&B group? What's there not to love?

Their double CD The Beauty in Distortion/The Land of The Lost EPisodes is currently available only at Amoeba Records in California. If you can't make to an Amoeba outlet, you can get a taste of their mixtape here.

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J*DaVeY [Official][MySpace]

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