BREAKING!! The Record Industry Sucks Because of Overpaid Execs!

jayzkc.jpgVic Steffens of the Horizon Music Group has penned an open letter to the disingenuous suits of the music industry, pointing out five ways they can do their jobs and get the product back on track instead of sitting back and collecting boats as the overall quality of music continues dissolve. Listed below are summaries, but follow the link for the full letter.

  1. Take a pay cut. A pretty good one that reflects the contraction in business. Like 25%.
  2. Stop paying stupid money for "superstar" A and R. You are paying that guy for something he did for someone ELSE. Sure pay him a reasonable salary, but let him earn his bread the way we all do: with his output.
  3. Reinstate artist development at your company. IF you find the words "360 deal" falling off your lips, be prepared to accept the responsibility of that kind of relationship.
  4. LEAD your company.
  5. Look FORWARD, not backward. We all know where its going in the end don't we? Could we replace the kicking and screaming with some creative thinking?

The choir certainly hears you, Vic. But these companies will continue to sign chickenheads and wannabe hustlers that ensure a big single/ringtone because they are too lazy and/or hard-headed to embrace new initiatives that not only guarantee long-term revenue, but protect the integrity of our music. And trust me when I say this, Hip-Hop and R&B are suffering the most. The future looks very bleak.

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