Things That Infuriate Jill Scott

jill_scott.jpgOn the U.S.:
"I think The States is disrespectful to other countries and they make too many assumptions about what is good and what is just. I don't appreciate the school system or the health care system- so many systems in the United States need to be washed away and re-started. We're not taking care of our country economically because there are so many poor people in the country. You hear so much about poverty in HIV in Africa. But those same things exist in Washington DC!"

On Dubya:
"I believe the man is an elitist and he does not care about the common man. Yes there are rich people in The States but most people aren't. It infuriates me that some people can't even go and have their teeth cleaned because their insurance doesn't cover it. My mother was a dental technician so I know that healthy teeth are so important. Why aren't we taking care of our people? It really does make me mad."

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On bad manners:
"I don't like to be disrespected because I don't show disrespect to people. So if you bring it to me, you're gonna get it in return. I say 'please' and 'thank you'- it's not hard! Bad manners and rudeness really bothers me."

Why is Jill Scott so mad? [Voice UK]

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