SOUL-POLL (The Results Show): The Results Say Stans Are So Declasse!

haters_vs_stans.JPGWhew! That was a close one! Our most recent Soul-Poll had the world divided over who was more irritating between Stans and Haters. According to our voters, Stans are the worst and drew the ire of 40 more blog-readers than Haters. Could it be because Haters have a better sense of humor? Who knows?

Our response would've been the same regardless of the outcome. We think Stans and Haters are both lunatics! Investing any amount of emotional currency into defaming or defending an entertainer is at best immature, and at worst unbalanced. Needless to say, we try to discourage that kind of discourse here at SoulBounce because, well, we're grown.

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Be sure to check back later in the week for an all-new Christmas-themed Soul-Poll where we'll have you choose between Santa and Jesus!

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