Ladies Love Franklin Bridge

We're back at it again, Team Franklin Bridge! But before I go any further in this week's Franklin Bridge post, let's watch their performance on last week's The Next Great American Band, shall we?

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Did y'all hear what lead singer Curt Chambers said? "I don't know man, I think the ladies love it."
Do the ladies love it? Damn skippy, Curt! After hearing Franklin Bridge belt out their original song, "Love's Fool," and the Elton John and Bernie Taupin hit, "Philadelphia Freedom," I suspect that women across the land were gasping and swooning. As quiet is kept, I'll admit to having moment myself, but I digress.

Despite getting some tough love from the judges last week (overproduced? PLEASE!), Franklin Bridge really is the band to beat on this show. However, that will only happen if people watch the show and get their vote on afterwards. Tonight the field of 10 bands will be whittled down to 8, and they will perform songs from the Billy Joel songbook. Tune in tonight to FOX at 8 PM EST/7 PM CST to see the fellas put it down. Right, ladies?

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Franklin Bridge [Official] [MySpace]
The Next Great American Band [Official] [MySpace]

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