Van Hunt’s New CD Leaks–And He’s Cool With That


Fresh off a show opening for Meshell Ndegeocello, Van Hunt posted out a MySpace blog early this morning where he addressed the recent leak of his upcoming CD, Popular. From the sounds of it, Van isn’t fazed by the new disc already hitting the mean internet streets although its release date isn’t until January 15, 2008. Well, if Van Hunt doesn’t mind, then neither do we.

that kind of violation is beyond my immediate control. let’s be real.
if you are going to give away promotional copies of your record-several
months before it is to be released-then you know you are taking a
chance that it will be “leaked.” we wanted people to start talking
about the record before it came out… well, we succeeded. as the
creator of the music, my goal is to have as many people as possible
hear the work. i wish there were even more people-all over the
internet-screaming about how amazing their bootleg of ‘popular’ is. i
want to be paid for my work. but, praise comes in many forms-verbal,
physical and monetary. so, you may be a thief with high cultural tastes
who has to download a copy of my record for free or you may be a person
of impenetrable integrity who wants to wait and purchase the record
next year or you may be too impatient and wealthy and don’t mind paying
$60 to an auction site for an early peek at the album or you might want
to trade your clueless friend your extra copy of the hard to find early
n’sync demos for a fresh van hunt download…i just want ya’ll to
LISTEN to the music. let it get into you; and, tell somebody-somebody
who you know will understand-about the way it made you move. spread the

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So if anyone has a link to Popular and wants to share it with us, we won’t be mad. And clearly neither will Van Hunt.

Van Hunt [Official] [MySpace]

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