Spinderella: Found

spinderella.jpg[Photo: D-Nice Journal]

For anyone curious of the whereabouts of Salt N Pepa's sexy DJ, Spinderella offers this to the fans:

I can't go outside without being asked about it... You should know by now that the Salt N Pepa show is premiering tonight on VH1, and you might be asking that same question. Truth is, I'll be watching it just like you! I do make a guest appearance in a couple of episodes in the future, and one thing I can definitely say is their bickering has me feeling very awkward. stay tuned - this saga will continue...

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Ok, so now everyone can rest easy knowing that it wasn't Pepa's sexy boots in church or new nose that has Spin feeling awkward, but the "bickering". Yeah, the bickering has her feeling awkward because their differences were worked out when they signed the reality show contract, obvs. But there's still an opp for a boxing match.

The Big Question: Where's Spin?

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