So Wu Didn't Get That Beatles Sample After All


  • Did Alicia Keys have a stroke? [Media Fakeout]
  • Kev Brown gives internet thuggery the what-for. This is good stuff. [Kev]
  • Here's some EXCLUSIVE!! BEHIND-THE-SCENES!! FOOTAGE!! of Jay-Z and Pharrell's shoot for "Blue Magic". Someone crashed a car and something happened in Times Square and there was also lots of rapping and... who am I kidding? I didn't watch any of it. [BBC]
  • Hear Mariah cover The S.O.S. Band from '96. This is too good to be true! [PopMuse]
  • Little Brother's Phonte was asked to participate in the BET Hip-Hop Awards? Oh, I get it. Dick Clark and Ed McMahon are totally playing a joke on him. Fun! [HHDX]
  • Let us not bash Lauryn Hill, but praise her talent, genius and past accomplishments while completely overlooking everything else. [BV]
  • Remember Video Music Box? Then you're old too. [DJ Soul]
  • ("That Are Fully Clothed and Well-Educated", they forgot to add) Another community dialog on Hip-Hop is about to go down, this time courtesy of Black Girls Rock. Topic: "Does Hip-Hop Hate Women?" [Lynne]
  • Re: That supposedly "cleared" Beatles sample on the new Wu-Tang track. [Wu on Myspace]

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