How Time Sorts Things...

black_eyed_peas.jpgNormally for our Diggin' in the Crates section we highlight rare, remixed or re-imagined tracks from our favorite artists. But today's edition was posted as a general reminder of what The Black Eyed Peas were before THE CHANGE.

No slight to Fergie, who's within one degree of Rahsaan Patterson (so she's cool, right?), but when BEP first dropped, they were a different group. Tracks like "Fallin' Up" from their debut Behind the Front recalled The Pharcyde and De La Soul more than the Pop Fusion they're doing now. To be fair, not all of their most recent work leans towards Pop ("Like That" ft. Q-Tip, Cee-Lo, et al) and Will.I.Am continues to bless SoulBounce favorites like Common and Kweli, but we'd be foolish to pretend a line wasn't drawn and they didn't cross it.

To this day, Behind the Front still bumps.

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Black Eyed Peas: "Joints & Jam"

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