Erykah Badu: Scary Hair

erykah_scarestyles_1.gif   erykah_scarestyles_2.gif

Stumped about what to wear this Halloween? Well, have no fear because we might just have a solution for you. Why not go as Erykah Badu*? Because as of late our girl has been looking mighty frightful, especially from the scalp up. Erykah has always been left of center in her dress, but recently she's been rocking some hairstyles that have us alternately shaking or scratching our heads.

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Early in her career Erykah was known for her signature mile-high headwraps, then she downsized to a baldie and could be seen in braids and dreadlocks in subsequent years. However, she's also been caught in some outlandish wigs that have caused folks to question her hair sanity. Badu's misshapen afros, ratty mohawks, and throwback looks that have her looking like a space-age Pocahontas, one of the lost Beatles or Cousin It's cousin are not a good look. Thank goodness Erykah is not her hair. But although Ms. Badu's scary hair may not work for her, it may lend itself to the bomb costume on October 31st.

*If anyone does dress up as Erykah Badu for Halloween PLEASE send us a photo.

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