Curtis Jackson Will Add You as a Friend, or Die Tryin'....


  • XXL is launching a Hip-Hop themed social network. Now the global Hip-Hop community can "conversate" in peace without that pesky Tom asking what Bathing Apes are. [BW 2.0]
  • The cover art for Wyclef's The Carnival II: Lauryn Hill Done Lost Her Damn Mind and Needs a Straightjacket, But a Fashionable One has been released. [Pro]
  • The Roots recently did a cover of "This is Why I'm Hot", with a special appearance by THE FOUR HORSEMEN. [Spinner]
  • Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket, John Legend? Or are you just happy to be impregnating this woman with twins on stage? [Zideo]
  • Q-Tip and Stevie Wonder on the same stage?! Do my eyes deceive me? (I'm so sorry for that, ya'll) [YRH]

  • George Michael
    wants to drown his problems in Ketel One duet with Amy Winehouse. [M&C]

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