'Hip Hop is Dead' Wasn't Controversial Enough, Obvs.


  • Nas ninth album to be titled Nigga, which we predict will sell just as many copies as if it were to be titled Nas' Ninth Album. [MTV]
  • Jay-Z thinks Kingdom Come was "too sophisticated". Good thing his next album is about being a gangster! I was almost about to accuse him of back-sliding! [RS]
  • CNN wonders "Are Record Labels Dead?" We wondered the same about CNN earlier this year when Paris Hilton became their frontpage story. [CNN]
  • "Because the majority of us are black full-figured women that signify the African-American heritage of gospel music with the undertones of R&B, as opposed to Christina Aguilera who does what they call pop music. To me, it's nothing but R&B music." Angie Stone makes clear any misconceptions about what soul music is. By the way, she's signed to Stax, which effectively precludes me from making any sassy comments. [MP3]
  • Mos Def took a break from shaming other Hip-Hop artists to sign a new record deal. [Paste]
  • "5 Ways to Know You're a Hip-Hop Head", and knowing the lyrics to classic Tribe records ain't one of 'em. [NS]

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