BlogBeat: Recalling 'Faith'

faith_cover.jpg"I'm not saying that Faith should run out and collaborate with the first old white rocker she sees, or beat us in the head about what she's went through every 5 minutes (i still love u anyway Mary!)..I guess i just want to see an album that says FAITH just like her debut did, rather than say THIS IS WHAT MUSIC IS NOW...and i have a feeling that's coming from her soon, shes too much of a powerful voice to continue to have nothing to say!...In every artist career there is a Glitter, a Love and Life, and in Faith's case...a Keep The Faith moment *shivers*...but I'm almost positive the her debut wont be the only memorable moment of her career...I'm definitely not counting her out..and I don't think u should either." [Rhythmic Words]

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