Your Dedicated ?uestlove Update


I kind of wanted to demonstrate that rap music didn't necessarily have to be party music. A lot of people use hip hop just as an excuse and a means to dance, but it should really be an expression of all types of music. It's rare that anybody in their thirties gets to express any kind of art, and be respected, as far as hip hop is concerned.

Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson, the most visible non-vocal member of the Legendary Roots Crew, offers his thoughts to Montreal Mirror on the next Roots album, going against the status quo, the difference between an "artist" and a "celebrity"... and Flava Flav.

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?uest is also adding Justin Timberlake to Al Green's new offering.

I know Justin wants to be a part of this project," ?uest said of Justin Timberlake's probable contribution to Green's LP. "Anthony Hamilton did some honorary background vocals. Corinne Bailey Rae wrote two songs. She's a monster songwriter. We also have been talking to Justin's people now. Both he and Al are from Memphis. D'Angelo will be a part of this record as well.

He's a busy man that everyone needs to listen to. Dope MySpace blog too.

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?uestlove of the Roots on charting change and expanding the range of hip hop [Montreal Mirror]
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