Review: Jill Scott - The Real Thing: Words And Sounds Vol. 3

Jill Scott - The Real Thing: Words And Sounds Vol. 3

Jill Scott's highly-anticipated 2007 effort, The Real Thing: Words & Sounds Volume 3 continues where Beautifully Human...Vol. 2 left off. Jilly from Philly introduces the opus with "Let It Be", a track that invites the listener to not dwell on the categorical or status, the unnecessary is unnecessary. "The Real Thing" is an affirmation of what Scott's fans are aware of, that she's truly genuine. No falsehoods are needed nor implied.
I believe she's putting you newbies on notice. "Hate On Me", the first single that arrived on the internet and radio earlier in the summer. The song is instantly a favorite among bloggers and Myspacers. Reminds me of one blogger who gets his/her fair share of detractors, and she's as nice and sweet as Jill. Despite the great feats and achievements there will always be crabs waiting to pull you down in the bucket. Jill provides this advice...ignore 'em, do you.

"Feel free to hate on me!" -- Katt Williams (Pimp Chronicles)

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"Come See Me" is a love song for grown folks doing grown-up things. One thing I've always loved about Jill Scott, her lyrics are always positive intimate relationships between men and women. There isn't any high-maintenance (prada, gucci, black card shopping sprees prior to the bump-n-grind) talk here. Just the ol' fashion love-making. "Crown Royal", my favorite track on the cd has jilly paints a picture for the nitty gritty on blowing backs out...physically and soulfully. Crown Royal on iiiiiiiiiiiice. The spoken word, "Epiphany". Just listen to it...I think she has the answer on how I believe Thank You's should be handled. Hint: Spasms. Have you ever seen on television, whereas the character will succomb to some sort of emotional or psychotic episode. And then the narrator explains, or atleast outlines, the side effects for the next few periods or cycles of this episode. Examples: If the emotional episode was lost of a love one, the side effects could include unacceptance, coping, reaffirmation of self. This is what occurs during "My Love", "Insomia" and "How It Make You Feel". "My Love" has Jill wondering why the man in her life chose to marry another woman even though what she felt they had was special.She reminisces, like most broken lovers do, in the middle of the night without the one that she truly cared for. Longing for understanding and like H-town wanting "that ol' thing back." And then "How It Make You Feel", reaches into the soul of Jill and pulls out the one question no man wants to answer:

"What if I was gone forever? No more chocolate kisses, no nappy dugout ever!" -- Jill Scott

God forbid. The ramifications without Jill in our lives can only be detrimental. But to the dumb ninja who destroyed such a relationship...tsk tsk. Forever the ride or die chick, Jill let's you know that she's not a quitter. She puts her all in a relationship and she will be there until the end, unless you make it clear that you don't want Jill's loving. Uhhh..who wouldn't want Jill's love? This is all described in "Only You". "Whenever You're Around" sounds like the theme to "Moonlighting". But the theme of the song is one everybody can relate to. I'm sure that in all relationships there is a lull. Either you, the S.O., or both of you have become complacent and too comfortable in the relationship and are neglecting the special things that garnered each others attention in the beginnning.
Who doesn't get the "Celibacy Blues" when you're not getting any? In "All I", Jilly starts the song with the baby-voice in a more subtle way of getting your crown royal on. Y'know the baby voice gets us uber-macho men ready. Ms. Scott doesn't mind getting nasty for her man. Take notes!!! It's weird, a pretty young thang asked me the other day what I would "like" in this very same topic. "Wanna Be Loved", the journey for undying love continues for Jill. Perhaps, in an effort to indirectly speak to the masses on her publicized split with the ex. It's a wish, just as she proclaims in the song, "just like everybody else does". The Real Thing is rounded off by a more up-tempo, relaxing track, "Breathe", which doubles as an outro as well an opening to bonus gems like "Imagination" (which caps off what she envisions what true love-making to be) and "Rightness" (a track about her relationship with music).

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Jill Scott's The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3 is a perfect counterpart to her two previous classic cds. Jill, as always, perfectly blends her extraordinary talents with the every-woman persona. There aren't any big-headed ego spectactles, or image-consulted blinders placed on you before you start listening to her. Jill is genuine and strips herself by reaching into her soul, and leaving it on wax, her connection is strong. Jill's words are full of heart and resolve and will quickly have the listener in flashback mode of present and past relationships. So definitely cop this, Jill is the truth.

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