Q-Tip's Album, Not So much This Year


Before I launch into one more gush-fest due to yet another Q-Tip interview (this time in EW), I have to tell you why Simon Vozick-Levinson's lead-in made me stop short.

With a release date for his second album finally scheduled for early '08, the Tribe Called Quest rapper explains the behind-the-scenes mess that prevented him from releasing more music years ago.

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Pardon? Not that I was expecting anything that wasn't already covered by AHH and Status Ain't Hood, but this is the first I've heard of a release in 2008 as opposed to this fall. Disappointing, but not unexpected. Props to EW, though, for bothering to cover an artist like Q-Tip, but only minor props, since his label drama is charted and re-charted journalistic territory.

Music Q&A: Q-Tip 'Renaissance' Man [EW]

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